Merseyside & Cheshire V Northwest Region

Salisbury ABC have two boxers competing for Merseyside & Cheshire tomorrow against the Northwest Region in Rotunda ABC.

First up for the Solly is 2015 National Minor Schoolboy Champion Odel Kamara who is up against Sharpstyle ABC’s James Mason and 2015 Schoolboy Finalist Vaugn Gates is up against Ahid Khan of Queensway ABC.

Good Luck Lads

Tomorrows Bout List

81kg – Jamie Aramayo (Phoenix Fire ABC) V Mehran Khan (Hammer ABC)
52kg – Connor Lees (Higherside ABC) V Bobby Faulkner (Northside ABC)
41kg – Joe McGrail (Everton RT ABC) VS Danny Robb (Sharpstyle ABC)
40kg – Odel Kamara (Salisbury ABC) V James Mason (Sharpstyle ABC)
35kg – Vaughan Gates (Salisbury ABC) V Ahid Khan (Queensway ABC)
60kg – Jack Jones (Wildcard ABC) V Aquib Fiaz (Northside ABC)
57kg – Dann Barr (Sefton ABC) V Braydon Bidzinski (Jennings ABC)
52kg – Adam Carberry (Wildcard ABC) V Connor Burton (Middleton ABC)
45kg – Ryan Moore (Wildcard ABC) V Lewis Tiley (Chorley ABC)
60kg – Jack McCloud (Wirral ABC) V James Danson (Fix2xl ABC)
57kg – Kevin Connell (Sefton ABC) V Anthony Reilly (Reallyfit ABC)
38kg – Callum Makin (Kirkdale ABC) V Jack Dadak (Sharpstyle ABC)
45kg – Jack Turner (Croxteth ABC) V Joe Crawford (Sandygate ABC)